In Memoriam: Juan Amor Mora

IMG-20160531-WA0001It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Juan Amor Mora, owner of one of our almond producers, has passed away. Our hearts go out to his family in Spain. We will miss him dearly. Many of you have met his daughters, Laura and Tanya, whom Michele has dubbed the Almond sisters. It is a very very sad time.

Below are a few words Michele has written about Juan:

“The voice, the eyes, Juan’s smile, were, are, and will always be a part of me.
Juan was one of the most generous men that I ever met in my life and I feel fortunate to have been able to share so many experiences with him. I have always said that his name embodies him perfectly and actually, it doesn’t really begin to convey whom he was. Juan’s generosity, loyalty, professionalism and sweetness will always be with me.
Although an ocean separates us, we are closer than you could ever imagine. Juan will stay in my memory forever. I am proud and honored to have been part of his life and to have been considered such a good friend.
I will always remember the the times that we got together – paella on the table, wine with gaseosa, a packet of Trujas and a walk through Valencia. His smile emanated love for his family, his honor and daily success forged by his insatiable passion for his work. Just a month ago we were together and the only thing that mattered more than his work was the birth of his grandson Alejandro.”