Dehesa Cordobesa® Presliced Ibéricos Now Available

Dehesa Cordobesa® Ibéricos are now available in a presliced retail format! Now in stock, we have presliced Paleta, Chorizo, Lomo, and Salchichon in 10/70g packs. Our Ibéricos come from the Valle de los Pedroches outside of Córdoba, Spain. 100% Ibérico breed pigs graze on acorns from the Holm Oak, considered to be the sweetest in Spain. 

Paleta: 100% de Bellota Ibérica, Paleta is the cured shoulder of the Iberico pig. Aged a minimum of 18 months.

Chorizo: Dry cured sausage made of chopped Ibérico pork meat and fat flavored with paprika, giving it a spicy kick.

Lomo: 100% de Bellota Ibérico, Lomo is the cured loin, flavored with paprika. It’s an extremely tender and flavorful cut.

Salchichon: Dry cured sausage similar to Chorizo, but without paprika, allowing the rich flavor of the meat to shine.