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CARM and Dauro: Award Winning Olive Oils

Congratulations to both CARM and Dauro for winning awards at the 2014 New York International Olive Oil Competition! CARM Praemium (available on preorder only) won Gold Award – North Hemisphere Organic Blend Medium. From the judges: “Aromas of ripe fruit, green leaves, almond and notes of olive leaf. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, green leaves, sweetness, […]

Parmigiano & Uomini D’Oro

Parmigiano & Uomini D’Oro

Forever Cheese was lucky enough to host a dinner for world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura. Click here for the menu and see below for photos.  

Cheese Notes: Oriol

Click here for a blog post on Oriol, our buffalo milk cheese from Catalunya, Spain.

Drunken Goat®: Best in Class

Drunken Goat®: Best in Class

Congratulations to Drunken Goat® for winning best in class in the flavored semi-soft (semi-hard) goat’s milk cheese category at the 2014 World Championship Cheese Contest!

Parmigiano Reggiano: The mightiest of cheeses

Parmigiano Reggiano: The mightiest of cheeses

Each year, Whole Foods Market simultaneously cracks Parmigiano Reggiano wheels at all of their stores. This year we were lucky enough to witness the crack in the Brooklyn store. It was attended by award-winning chef Massimo Bottura and Dr. Guiseppe Alai, President of the Consorzio Parmiginao Reggiano. For more information about the event, click here. […]

Shopping List

Please click here for an article in C Magazine about products Chef Suzanne Goin must have. For a finishing salt, she enjoys our Portuguese flor de sal!

Caseificio Fiandino

Please click here for a video (in Italian!) from the national Italian television station featuring Mario Fiandino, the producer behind Frumage Baladin and Lou Bergier. He is featuring his vegetable rennet cheeses, a rarity among Italian cheeses.

Tortas de Aceite production

Please click here for a video on how our Tortas de Aceite are made.

Bronze for Corcuera Cheeses

Bronze for Corcuera Cheeses

Congratulations to Corcuera for their Bronze at the 2013 World Cheese Award for the Manchego El Trigal® and Campo de Montalban®! bronze campo de montalban bronzo for manchego curado

Winter Fancy Food Show Items 2014

ITALIAN PRODUCTS Barricato al Pepe This firm pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Veneto is made by Sergio, the famed producer of Sottocenere®.  After making the cheese and aging it for 4 months, he puts it in oak barrels, covers it in copious amounts of peppercorns and ages it for another 6 months. The wine residue […]

2014 Fancy Food Show

Join us in Booth 3216 at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco January 19-21. We look forward to seeing you! For information on attending, click here.

Blu di Bufala: 2013 Gold at World Cheese Awards!

Blu di Bufala: 2013 Gold at World Cheese Awards!

Congratulations to Bruno and crew!  

A.O.C. Cookbook launch

A.O.C. Cookbook launch

Great night at the Spotted Pig celebrating Suzanne Goin’s new A.O.C. Cookbook about cheese!

Cacio e pepe

Please click here for an article in the Atlantic Journal-Constitution about the perfect Cacio e Pepe recipe. The author believes it takes Fulvi® Pecorino Romano and Cacio de Roma®. We certainly can’t argue with that!

Pan + Arrope

Click here for a blog post about Paiarrop, our Fig Cake and Membrillo producer. Learn how the company started and continues to thrive.

Gather ye honeycomb while ye may

Click on the below link to see a video from our Italian honey producer showing how they make honeycomb, the newest addition to our honey line: Gathering Honeycomb  

Bits & Bites: Casa Forcello®

Click here for a bit and bite in the Wall Street Journal about Casa Forcello®, the maker of our mostardas and other preserves. Scroll down to find out their recommendation for pairing the Plum Smoked Tea Compote and Blood Orange Confiture!

Tiburcio, Ibores producers

Tiburcio, Ibores producers

Meet Tiburcio, our Ibores producers. He works for the dairy Almonte, a small family producer that began making cheese in 1987. Tiburcio himself started making cheese nearly 3 decades ago when he was 26 and won an award for youngest entrepreneur. We are pleased to have his Ibores in our catalog!

Tres Leches producer: “I came back to my roots”

Click here for an article about Juan Carlos, the producer of our  Tres Leches and Quesuco Ahumado cheeses. He talks about how he got started in the cheese making business.

Spain Turns Olives into Gold

Please click here for a Wine Spectator chart of recommended Spanish olive oils. Dauro makes the list, so please let us know if you help finding it. This year’s yield was less than normal, but we have high hopes for 2014!