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9 Cheeses We Would Happily Marry, If That Was Allowed

Please click here for a Huffington Post article about 9 cheeses they would happily join in wedded bliss. First on the list: our beloved Paški Sir! Pecorino Aged in Walnut Leaves also makes the list. We wish them all the happiness in the cheese world.

“My cheese brings memories from old wood stoves”

Please click here for a blog post about Javier Piñeiro, our San Simon producer. He talks about how important it is to keep the tradition of the cheese alive.

Affinatore Superiore

Click here for an article in Wine Spectator about Sergio Moro, the cheesemaker behind Sottocenere® and our Ubriaco cheeses.

In his own words: Josep of Sant Gil

In Catalunya during Franco’s rule practically all traditional cheeses disappeared except for the odd cheese here and there in the Pyrenees and practically for self consumption alone (Serrat) the only traditional cheese that was still being made was Mató, a fresh cheese without salt very similar to ricotta but with variations. The truth is that […]

Producer spotlight: Josep Martí, Garrotxa cheesemaker

One of our customers has started posting information on cheesemakers on their blog. Please click here for their post on Josep Marti, our Garrotxa and Gotes Catalanes producer. Josep talks about his love of cheesemaking and the characteristics that make Garrotxa such a special cheese.


Please click here to read a piece from The Airship about 10 cheeses and their literary counterparts. Scroll down to El Trigal® Manchego to see whom our favorite Manchego is paired with. And make sure to read the book the author is holding–it’s almost as good as the cheese!

2013 Summer Fancy Food Show Party: The guests

2013 Summer Fancy Food Show Party: The guests

Please see below for some of the people that attended our Fancy Food Show party. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year! All photos by Francesco Sapienza Photography  

2013 Summer Fancy Food Show Party: The food

Malvarosa® & Duck Confit Croquetas, Crujiente de Mitica®: Pan-fried Nuvola di Pecora®, Casa Forcello® Amarena Cherry Compote

We were happy to have the Fancy Food Show return to New York City so we could once again throw a party for all of our valued customers and producers. This year we were lucky enough to have Mikel Treviño de Luis as the chef.  He is currently the executive sous chef of SoHo House in […]

PAST EVENT: Summer Fancy Food Show

PAST EVENT: Summer Fancy Food Show

Thank you to everyone who joined us in booth 2950 at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City! Please see below for pictures of the booth. All photos by Francesco Sapienza Photography  

The New Blue: Blu di Bufala

Click here for an article about Blu di Bufala from The Kitchn blog. As part of their Cheesemonger segment, Nora Singley tries our favorite buffalo milk blue cheese.

Tanara Prosciutto

Click here for an article about one of our Prosciutto producers, Tanara. It discusses the processes that go into such a delectable product.

Blu di Bufala in France

Blu di Bufala in France

Click here for a video (in French!) about the Blu di Bufala from Quattro Portoni. We are not the only country that loves it!

Past Sponsored Event: Feria de Sevilla en Minnesota

Forever Cheese sponsored the Feria de Sevilla at Casa España in Minnesota. Click on their Facebook page to see photos!

Sponsored Event: 100 Mile Paddle

Forever Cheese will be sponsoring the 100 Mile Paddle, a two day paddle event that starts 75 miles north of New York and ends in Manhattan. It is a charity event to raise money and awareness for clean water initiatives and for a select group of autism non-profit organizations. For more information, visit their web site.

Barricato al Pepe

Barricato al Pepe

This firm pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Veneto is made by Sergio, the famed producer of Sottocenere®.  After making the cheese and aging it for 4 months, he puts the cheese in oak barrels, covering it in copious amounts of peppercorns and aging it for another 6 months.  The wine residue in the barrel enhances […]

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Latxa Torta, a sheep’s milk cheese from the Basque region of Spain.

In Memory of a Grand Lady and Stellar Cheesemaker

In Memory of a Grand Lady and Stellar Cheesemaker

  The cheese world will miss Julia Corcuera as she passed away last week at the age of 92.  May she rest in peace. Forever Cheese has planted a tree in her memory.

Lou Bergier Pichin: Delicious, interesting and approachable

Please click here for an article by Matt Caputo of Tony Caputo’s Market & Deli in the Salt Lake Magazine about Lou Bergier, our raw cow’s milk cheese from Piemonte made with vegetable rennet. As you will see, we are far from the only ones completely enamored with it!  

Forever Cheese boasts 6 years of Support to Climate Change Solutions

The Carbonfund.org Foundation is honored to receive the support of Forever Cheese for the 6th year in a row. Since 2007, Forever Cheese has supported wind energy, reforestation and renewable energy projects through Carbonfund.org Foundation. In fact, with 2012’s support, Forever Cheese has offset over 1,645 metric tons of CO2 and over 7,099 Renewable Energy […]

Another Day, Another DOP

Click here for an article about Gorgonzola. The journalist did some events in Tampa, FL, with our Gorgonzola from Igor and wrote about it – in Italian!