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2014 World Cheese Award Winners

2014 World Cheese Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our producers who won at this year’s World Cheese Awards: Quesos Larra Roncal: Silver for Semi-hard Goat’s Milk Cheese Plain Quesos Catί Abrigo: Bronze for Hard Goat’s Milk Cheese Plain Montesinos Cabra Romero: Gold for Goat’s Milk Cheese with Additives Drunken Goat®: Bronze for Goat’s Milk Cheese with Additives Capricho de Cabra with […]

NEW ITEM: Retail nuts!

NEW ITEM: Retail nuts!

We now have our selection of nuts in convenient retail sizes! Picaquicos Minitub 12/2.82oz Caramelized Walnuts Minitub 12/3.53oz Caramelized Pecans Minitub 12/4.41oz Piedras de Chocolate® Minitub 12/5.6oz Quicos Minitub 12/2.82oz Spanish Cocktail Minitub 12/3.53oz Fried Favas Minitub 12/3.53oz

Story of Pecorino alla Canapa

Born from an ancient family tradition… Until the end of the 60’s our producer Paolo and his family had a house in the countryside where they kept a few sheep so they could make cheese for the family. Paolo’s grandmother ran the household and besides being a great cook she was also an amazing cheesemaker […]

Mitica® Fig Jam: favorite product

Please click here for a list of products the Miss Cheesemonger blog loves. Our Mitica® Fig Jam made the list!

Alva: A Beauty from Portugal

Please click here for an article about Alva, our new goat cheese from Portugal. Read all about one of our new favorites!

Join us: Winebow Vintners Harvest, September 10-11

Visit our table at the Winebow Vintners Harvest on September 10th and 11th from 12pm- 6pm at the Metropolitan Pavillion, 125 W 18th Street, NYC!

Producer Spotlight: Montealva

Montealva is produced by a family in the small town of Torrecera, in the municipality of Jerez de la Frontera in Cadiz, Andalucia. The company is made up of brother and sister, Isabel and Pedro Maria Alvarez Aguilar, their mother, Dolores Aguilar, and Pedro’s wife Anabel, who was very important in the cheese making process […]

Fall 2014 New Items

ITALIAN PRODUCTS Roccia del Piave This 8-month aged cow’s milk cheese from Veneto gets its name, meaning rock, from the way it is aged. Farmers used to hide their wheels of cheese from outlaws in the rocky cavities formed by the flooding of the Piave River. It has a wonderfully crumbly texture with a clean, […]

Chocoter: Award Winning Company

Congratulations to Chocoter, the company that brings us Caro Chocolate, for winning best brand in Aragón, Spain, from Ejecutivos magazine! The award recognized the Caro brothers for their hard work and dedication to their craft. Click here for the article in Ejecutivos (in Spanish!).

Producer Spotlight: Felipe of CARM

Filipe’s father, Celso, used to live in Milan and Filipe went to med school there. When his father would visit him and his friends, he always brought port, olives, and olive oil that had been made with their own fruit. One day Felipe’s father’s and his own friends asked if they could have more of […]

American Cheese Society Conference

Join Michele and Chelsea at this year’s American Cheese Society Conference in Sacramento. They will be showing some new cheeses at the Networking Salon on Thursday and some accompaniments at the Festival of Cheese on Friday. For more information on attending, please click here.

Quattro Portoni Visit

Click here for a video of a visit to Quattro Portoni, the producer of our Italian buffalo milk cheeses. Host Alison Brien, a Sydney-based cheese specialist, explores the history of this small farmhouse dairy and watches the production of Blu di Bufala.

Varé®: Award Winning Cheese

Varé®: Award Winning Cheese

Congratulations to Varé® for winning Best Cheese in Asturias from La Asociación de Cata de Quesos Pláganu! Anita has been making the cheese for 20 years, so we are so happy for her to get well deserved recognition of her wonderful cheese! Click here and here for articles (in Spanish!) about all the hard work she has put in […]

Product Spotlight: Pecorino Camomilla

Product Spotlight: Pecorino Camomilla

With May and June milk, when the sheep eat the best grass of the year and the fields are colored with the yellow of thousands of chamomile flowers, here is where the story of Pecorino Camomilla begin. Pecorino Camomilla is an old memory of when Paolo was little and used to spend time with his […]

2014 Summer Fancy Food Show Party

Paiarrop producers with Cathy Strange of Whole Foods and Michele

We were happy to see our valued customers and producers at our 2014 Fancy Food Show Party.  Chef Mikel Treviño de Luis returned to again wow our guests with his contemporary Spanish cuisine incorporating Forever Cheese products.  Please see below for pictures from the party:

Join us at Chefs & Champagne® in New York!

Join us at Chefs & Champagne® in New York!

Come join us Saturday, July 26th, at Chef’s & Champagne® at Wölffer Estate Vineyard in the Hamptons. Taste our amazing cheeses and other products, featuring Chef Mikel Trevino de Luis’s Charred Octopus, aMona™ Mojo Picón and Paprika Air. Please click here for information on attending.

A Fancy Food Show Visit from Cathy Strange

Click here for an article on Cathy Strange, Global Cheese Buyer for Whole Foods Market, as she wonders through the Fancy Food Show and spends some time at the Forever Cheese booth with Michele and Jen.

Happy 80th, Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano!

Happy 80th, Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano!

Michele, Jeff, and Pierluigi were on hand for the Consortium of Parmigiano Reggiano’s 80th Anniversary June 9th at the Modena Dairy Festival. They all accepted awards in recognition of Forever Cheese’s commitment to promoting Parmigiano Reggiano throughout the world. See below for photos.

Apicoltura Cazzola, perfect natural honey

Click here for an article about Cazzola, our Italian honey producer. The Cazzola brothers talk about how they got started and what it takes to create their honey.

Montealva: Award Winning Cheese

Pedro's sister, Montealva, and 1st place

Congratulations to Montelava for winning first place in the aged goat cheese category at the 6th Andalucian Artisanal Cheese Awards (Concurso Andaluz de Quesos Artesanales Sierra de Cádiz)! Their blue cheese Andazul, which we will soon carry, also took first place in the semi-aged goat cheese category. Please see below for photos of the cheesemaker, […]