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2015 Summer Fancy Food Show

Join us in booth 2760 at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City, June 28-30. We will be showcasing all new products, so stop by and see what’s happening! For more information, visit the the Specialty Food Association web site. Hope to see you soon!

Producer Spotlight: Oriol of Montbrú

Producer Spotlight: Oriol of Montbrú

Cheese has been a part of my life since I was a little boy.  At home we always had a flock of goats and sheep and my grandma made Mató, a typical cheese from the center of Catalunya. In the morning while I ate breakfast, before I went to school, my mother boiled milk to […]

Producer Spotlight: Queijos Tavares (Ovelha Amanteigado, Alva)

Producer Spotlight: Queijos Tavares (Ovelha Amanteigado, Alva)

Sheep cheese and goat cheese are made with very special milk. These sheep and goats pasture in the Star Mountain Range (Serra da Estrela). The shepherds come out with the flock in the morning and return in the evening. The sheeps and goats pasture freely and are not fed diet. Wives and daughters make the […]

Learn What a Don Quixote Cartoon Has to Do with an Authentic Manchego

This weekend (March 25-29) try El Trigal® Manchego at Whole Foods and Fairwary stores around New York. For more information, click here!

Wash Down Some Cheese With That Beer

Click here for a post on CheeseRank about cheeses made with beer. Scroll down to learn more about our L’Ottavio!

Beyond Chèvre: The Artisan’s Challenge

Please click here for an article about artisanal goat’s milk cheeses in Wine Spectator magazine. David Gibbons talks about various chèvres, including our very own Montealva.

Believe It or Not, Blue Cheese Made From Buffalo’s Milk is Your New Favorite Thing

Click here for a review of our Blu di Bufala on CheeseRank.

Carbonfund.org 2014

Every year, Forever Cheese strives to fight global warming by donating to Carbonfund.org. They help fight global warming by supporting renewable energy and reforestation projects absorbing carbon dioxide, and improving local air and water quality by filtering pollutants while restoring biodiversity and habitat for wildlife. Please click here to see where our 2014 donations went.

Montealva: The Newest Spanish Cheese to Hit our Shores

Please click here for a blog post about Montealva, our goat cheese from Andalucia. Kirstin of It’s Not You, It’s Brie writes about the cheese and offers some great pairing recommendations!

Producer Spotlight: Fabrizio and Pierpaolo Cazzola

as told by Fabrizio So here’s our story: It was my brother who first got into bee-keeping (in 1982). One day he came home and said:  “I’ve got three beehives to pollinate the fruit trees.” And I answered: “That’s great, but don’t think for a minute I’m going to help you look after them…. ” Well, two of […]

Wine and Cheese Friday

When Michele was out in San Francisco for the Food Show, she did a tasting at Cheese Plus (http://cheeseplus.com/). Please click here for food blogger Maria Ferraro Beardsley’s assessment of the three cheese’s Michele showed.

Dauro: The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blended – Light Fruity

Click here for Dauro’s latest award: the Best Extra Virgin Blended Olive Oil – Light Fruity at the Flos Olei 2015 competition. In addition, Flos Olei also publishes a guide to the best olive oils around the world. For more information, visit their web site: http://www.marco-oreggia.com/

Producer Spotlight: Frederico Oom Bowring Horgan, SerraMel

Before 1910 (end of Monarchy in Portugal) there was this Association called “Real Associação de Apicultura e Sericicultura de Portugal” (Royal Association of Beekeeping and Sericulture of Portugal) and my great great grandfather, Jorge de Almeida Lima, was its treasurer. Every two months they produced a magazine – “O Apicultor” ( The beekeeper). Jorge de […]

You’ve Never Had Piave Like Sapore del Piave

Click here for a review of our exclusive Sapore del Piave in Cheese Rank.

Sottocenere®: Aroma Coma

Click here for Janet Fletcher’s Planet Cheese newsletter in which she discusses Sottocenere®, our truffle cheese from renowned cheesemaker and affineur Sergio Moro. We are dreaming of her Sottocenere® grilled cheese idea!

New cheeses from Paolo

Pecorino with Vine Leaves

Michele recently tasted some wonderful cheeses from Paolo, the producer of our Pecorino Aged in Walnut Leaves and Pecorino alla Canapa. Please see below for photos. They are all available on preorder!

2014 World Cheese Award Winners

2014 World Cheese Award Winners

Congratulations to all of our producers who won at this year’s World Cheese Awards: Quesos Larra Roncal: Silver for Semi-hard Goat’s Milk Cheese Plain Quesos Catί Abrigo: Bronze for Hard Goat’s Milk Cheese Plain Montesinos Cabra Romero: Gold for Goat’s Milk Cheese with Additives Drunken Goat®: Bronze for Goat’s Milk Cheese with Additives Capricho de Cabra with […]

NEW ITEM: Retail nuts!

NEW ITEM: Retail nuts!

We now have our selection of nuts in convenient retail sizes! Picaquicos Minitub 12/2.82oz Caramelized Walnuts Minitub 12/3.53oz Caramelized Pecans Minitub 12/4.41oz Piedras de Chocolate® Minitub 12/5.6oz Quicos Minitub 12/2.82oz Spanish Cocktail Minitub 12/3.53oz Fried Favas Minitub 12/3.53oz

Story of Pecorino alla Canapa

Born from an ancient family tradition… Until the end of the 60’s our producer Paolo and his family had a house in the countryside where they kept a few sheep so they could make cheese for the family. Paolo’s grandmother ran the household and besides being a great cook she was also an amazing cheesemaker […]

Mitica® Fig Jam: favorite product

Please click here for a list of products the Miss Cheesemonger blog loves. Our Mitica® Fig Jam made the list!