moliterno-di-canestrato-low-resDue to its high elevation and naturally cool cellars, Moliterno has a reputation for being ideally situated for cheese aging. While many versions of this cheese have borrowed the name “Moliterno” though produced in Sardinia, Viola’s Canestrato di Moliterno I.G.P. hails from Basilicata in southern Italy. Mario uses milk from his own flocks for the 70% sheep and 30% goat’s milk cheese. He hand presses the wheels and rubs them with olive oil as they begin aging in the picturesque town of Gorgoglione. After 60 days, they’ll finish aging Canestrato di Moliterno in reed baskets. Both buttery and herbaceous, it has a full-bodied flavor that avoids the peppery bite of other aged pecorinos. 2/5#