CulatelloCulatello Cotto is a cooked boneless cut of premium meat from the rear leg of the pig. Our producer is San Marino Prosciutti, based in the microstate of San Marino, located within the boundaries of Italy itself. They take great pride in making exceptional cooked meats, including their methodical production process, which lasts about 30 days. Unlike many Italian producers who use lower quality pork from northern European countries, San Marino only uses pigs raised in Italy for these premium hams. In Italy, pigs are allowed to live longer and grow larger, giving the meat an incredible depth of flavor. San Marino’s rigorous selection process ensures the use of only the choicest pork, with ample fat marbling and a rosy color. During production, the meat is steam cooked and lightly smoked with no artificial flavorings added. Culatello Cotto is low in sodium, free of thickeners, and made without gluten or dairy. The result is a rich, natural tasting ham with deep pork flavor. 1/12#