20160626-IMG_8672We’re excited about our newest Portuguese find, discovered by Michele on a recent trip to Faial, a windswept island dominated by grassy meadows and seaside cliffs. This torta-style cheese is made with cow’s milk, which differentiates it from the sheep and goat’s milk varieties found on the mainland. The cheesemaker, Rui Caldeira, is aided by his fiancée Ana Marisa, his brother Nuno and his wife Maria at their dairy, situated near the natural reserve of Morro del Castelo Branco. They have been making cheese only since 2012 but have an extraordinary aptitude for it. They collect milk from local farms that have sustainable agricultural and animal welfare practices to make their cheeses, including the popular Omorro. Creamy and unctuous with a slight tang, we think it is a wonderful addition to our Portuguese portfolio. 6/1#