Gianluca and his father Giorgio have a small dairy in Parma with about 100 cows that has been around for over 50 years. They produce only 4 or 5 wheels daily, depending on milk production. For Gianluca and his family, the raw milk is of the utmost importance. They feed the cows a special diet rich in nutrients comprised of hay, corn flakes, orzo, dried fava beans and soy. The quality of the milk, in addition to their skill at cheesemaking, produces a very special Parmigiano Reggiano, one that is capable of aging far better than others. Gianluca refers to the cheese as being “alive” and able to age longer, intensifying its fruitiness and complexity. In fact, they specialize in cheese aged 3, 5 and even 10 years. Their 7 year aged cheese is a champion in the 2012 Guide to Italian Cheese. 1/85# 2 year; 3 year Riserva (preorder), 5 yr (preorder).

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