Paola Calciolari began her career as a pharmacist but her true passion was food. She took a gamble, leaving her secure job in order to produce typical condiments from Mantova (Emilia Romagna), often employing her grandmother’s recipes. And we’re glad she did. She makes her exceptional mostardas by sourcing locally harvested fruit, slicing and candying them in their juices, and then adding drops of a very concentrated, spicy mustard oil; it is a highly labor intensive process. Unlike many whole mustard fruits on the market, these are extraordinarily fresh, flavorful and chunky. Though often paired with cheese, they also work well with roasted meats and charcuterie.

Paola took our classic Mostarda one step further for this Reserve version. Thick hand-cut pieces of pear are enriched with a hint of lemon, in order to underscore the spiciness of the mustard. It is packed in an exquisitely shaped jar to set the product apart from others on the shelves. A jewel – this Mostarda is the perfect gift for the condiment lover in your life. 6/14.1oz (preorder)