queso sudadoQueso Sudado is made from raw goat’s milk from Serrana and Murciano-Granadina breeds, which feed on the plains of southern Extremadura, near the border with Portugal. During its 60 day aging, the producer turns and massages every wheel daily by hand so that it “sweats” and forms a thick coat on the rind. This sweat can be quite strong and is fundamental to the aroma, texture and flavor of the cheese. When this sheen dries, it forms part of the ruddy orange rind, which will occasionally exhibit a pattern left over from pressing the cheese with a cheesecloth. The interaction between the cultures and flora from the dehesa extremeña create its unique flavor and aroma. But the pungent rind belies a more gentle cheese that is creamy and full flavored, yet not too salty. 6/1kg