This sherry vinegar is produced by a family-run company in Jerez, Spain. Joaquin’s family has been making sherry vinegar in Jerez for 4 generations. A trained winemaker and cellarmaster, Joaquin recently took over the business from his father. El Majuelo is known as one of the top  artisan sherry producers in the region.

Most are produced using the Palomino grape. The regular sherry vinegar is aged for a minimum of 6 months in wood barrels before bottling while the Reserva is kept for a minimum of 2 years in wood.

Please note that many aged vinegars show a number on the bottle. While the producers want people to believe this is the number of years that the product has been aged, it is actually a registered brand as the DOP regulatory body of the vinegars only recognizes a regular or reserve (aged) vinegar, either aged a minimum of 6 months, greater than 2 years, or Gran Reserva (10 years). 6/250ml. 10 Year Reserva available as preorder. 6/250ml

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