Our sherry vinegars are produced by a family-run company in Jerez, Spain. Joaquin’s family has been making sherry vinegar in Jerez for 4 generations. A trained winemaker and cellarmaster, Joaquin recently took over the business from his father. El Majuelo is known as one of the top  artisan sherry producers in the region.

This sweet sherry vinegar is produced using the Pedro Ximenez grape. This grape comes from another town but is approved in Jerez to make a sherry vinegar that is sweet as the grapes have been left on the vine for a longer time, allowing the residual sugar to rise.  They are then pressed and aged in American Oak for at least 2 years. The result is an exquisite sweet and sour vinegar with a lower acidity. 6/250ml, 2/5L (preorder)

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