Forever Cheese debuted in 1998 with a simple mission – to share the finest artisanal Mediterranean products with our customers. Our passion for fine foods has taken us on a twenty-year journey, and as pioneers in the importing world, we’ve dedicated our lives to finding the exquisite. We never settle for anything less.

We are a company focused on a meaningful connection with both products and people. Our relationships with both suppliers and customers are of utmost importance. Equally as important are the cheeses and specialty foods that we import from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Croatia. Our goal is to offer the most extraordinary, high quality products. To us, it is not enough to bring products to market; we provide the context, telling the stories of the artisans, traditions, and places from which they come. We share these parts of the world with people through food, acting as stewards and ensuring that our products arrive to customers in the best possible condition.  

“Our standards are legendary, our products even more so.”

We import cheese and cheese accompaniments, such as nuts, cured meats, dried fruit, chocolate, olive oil and vinegar, honey, and much more. Each item is hand-selected by our co-founders Michele Buster and Pierluigi Sini, who have long-standing relationships with our producers. There is no middle man – we import products we love directly from people we know and believe in. 

We love what we do even after 20+ years in business. Our expertise, passion, and great taste is what makes us the best. 

Our Commitment to the Environment

Forever Cheese is committed to helping the planet. Since 2007, we have partnered with the Carbonfund.org Foundation, a non-profit working to combat climate change by helping companies offset their carbon footprint. Investing in wind energy and reforestation projects through Carbonfund.org is very important to us. We also carefully choose the producers with whom we work and stand behind those who are making changes to become more sustainable and reduce their impact on the environment. Together we can work towards a greener future.

Cheese from Forever Cheese.
Artisant's farm.

Goat in the hill.