New Meats from San Marino: Prosciutto Cotto, Culatello, Smoked Pancetta!

San Marino (1)This month’s newsletter is all about San Marino, the tiny country found within the borders of Italy. We have a new line of prosciutto cotto, or cooked prosciutto, from San Marino Prosciutti, a company devoted to slow production and quality meats. They select Italian pigs for our hams, rather than pigs raised all over Europe. It makes a big difference, because in Italy, pigs are allowed to live longer and grow larger, resulting in sweeter meat with a greater depth of flavor and better fat distribution. We have Prosciutto Cotto Tartufato (Cooked Prosciutto with Black Truffle), Prosciutto Fornacino (Roasted Prosciutto with Herbs), Culatello Cotto, and Pancetta Cotta Affumicata (Smoked Bacon). Learn more here!