IMG_20170403_143427This organic farmstead Manchego is made with raw Manchega sheep’s milk and aged six months. The semi-firm cheese retains a good amount of moisture during aging, giving it a creamy mouthfeel with a just a bit of crumble. It has aromas of buttered popcorn and lanolin and perfectly balances salt and sweetness with herbal, nutty notes. The Parra family has been making organic products, including wine, in the region of Cuenca since 1993. They began making cheese when brother Javier Parra married into a local cheesemaking family, and his wife Ana is the head cheesemaker. Today, 3500 sheep graze on their organic, sustainable farm, providing the rich, flavorful milk for their Manchego DOP cheese. It is certified USDA organic. They make their farmstead cheese in the traditional way; their artisanal production process ensures their finished product has incredible character and quality. 2/6# wheels or 10/200g wedges